About Rosemary Carstens

Rosemary CarstensI am a professional author, freelance writer, copyeditor, and Internet marketing consultant. I have been an avid reader my entire life. As a child I was known for keeping my nose in a book even as I did my chores.

Eight years ago I decided to turn my habit of keeping track of the books I read into an online magazine where people could find mini-reviews of books I thought many others might enjoy.

Over the years, FEAST has expanded to include fiction, nonfiction, art, food, film, and adventure travel. Among the books and filmsĀ  I recommend are many that may have faded from sight because they didn’t have big promotional budgets behind them or just because new titles came out and pushed them out of sight.

This is not a magazine where books or films are criticized or denigrated. That I’ll leave for others to do. This is a place for sharing positive experiences reading fiction and nonfiction, viewing films, exploring new cookbooks and reading about cooks, discovering artists whose work sends shimmers of delight down your spine, and venturing by armchair, airplane, boat, motorcycle, etc., down the blue highways of travel.

Welcome to FEAST — Happy reading and daydreaming!

Rosemary Carstens, Editor

8 Responses to “About Rosemary Carstens”

  1. Vera Marie Badertscher Says:

    Rosemary: Congratulations on the new look. It is FAB-ulous, dahling!


  2. Carol Grever Says:

    Rosemary, you are amazing. This site is truly a feast for eyes and mind. Congratulations on the new format and your continuing creativity. I’ll alert my friends to visit your site and enjoy the buffet!


  3. Mark Mussari Says:

    Rosemary: I really enjoyed this site–an amazing amount of information and work. Love seeing that someone else (who writes so well) loves the arts so much!
    Best, Mark


  4. Mary H, Curtin Says:

    I love receiving your Feast; it’s inspiring.


  5. Steven Gordon Linebaugh Says:

    Great site. How does an artist go about getting a spotlight or submitting articles? Would love to submit images and articles from my artist blog.


    • Rosemary Carstens Says:

      Steven: We do not take submissions for Artist Spotlight. As editor, I feature artists whose work I personally like–it’s very subjective but based on a lifetime spent viewing and creating art myself. I have friended you on Facebook today and that will keep me in touch with what you are doing. Thanks so much for your interest– Rosemary Carstens, Editor


  6. Mary Collette Rogers Says:

    What a beautiful, helpful, well-thought-out site. Love the idea of life being a Feast, from many different angles. Nice job.


  7. anj Says:

    I love the site! Thanks for showing me so many new things. I wish you accepted submissions…instead, I will daydream of being one of your favorites.


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