What readers and authors are saying about FEAST . . .

OMG! You’re fabulous. Thank you for reviewing Roux Memories.

— Belinda Hulin, http://www.belindahulin.com

I can’t thank you enough for including Blind Descent in the nonfiction selections in your superb onlin ‘zine. Truly an honor, and one that I’m very grateful for. Thanks so much!

— James M. Tabor, http://www.jamesmtabor.com

What an amazing magazine, and such beautiful design and features! I’m so glad you picked my book and I’ll be sending this on to other writers and readers. It’s lush and lovely and perfect for those of us who love books and food! Thanks.

— Susan Straight, http://www.susanstraight.com

Congratulations to Rosemary Carstens on her latest issue of FEAST—wonderfully written and full of great insights.

— Gail Storey, author of The Lord’s Motel, and other hilarious tales


— Jeff Kleinman, literary agent, Folio Literary Management

Your magazine is great—and so is the Hockney write up!

— Allison Agsten, Media Relations Manager

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, http://www.lacma.org

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